Windows and Office Users Remote Work Policy

COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses to take different adjustments and policies. Work from home (WFH) setups concerns about data integrity. This is not a problem for Windows and Office users as long as you can properly configure the business data will always remain protected.

5 Exercise to Keeping Fit when Working from Home

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted our daily lives, everyone is now staying at home due to the government imposing quarantines and currently working remotely. Disallowing access to a gym or workout studio, it’s important to stay active. There are exercise moves that you can do at home without needing any equipment keeping fit when working from […]

Proper Gears for Work from Home Employees

A rising problem switching to a work from home setup is the hardware employees going to use. Employers can provide or have the work from home employees bring company computers to their respective homes. Smartphones and other handheld devices can also help on some tasks, but their things employees will need to set up on […]

Cloud services in demand due to pandemic

Cloud-based services are experiencing an increase in demand for these quarantines, as the COVID-19 pandemic affecting globally. Because of the pandemic, remote working is now being implemented, running the business in the comfort of there home relying on project management web applications, digital productivity, and collaboration tools to get their job done.

Boosting productivity in spite of COVID-19 with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft with its application Microsft Teams recent updates to the platform, making users take advantage of its features enhancing communication with other employees. These updates were made in response to the need for companies and business owners and employees to collaborate remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 tips for a productive home office

Telecommuting can be a great strategy that allows businesses to save money and retain valued employees. It is quickly becoming a viable option for those that are looking to cut back their hours at the office while still being able to work productively in the comfort of their home. But despite the many advantages telecommuting […]