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Reliable disaster recovery and backup services certainly aren't a luxury for your Austin or San Antonio company. While most businesses keep their computers protected, many fail to protect one of its most critical assets - its data. And with threats today increasing in intensity, can you say with confidence that you’ll remain operational no matter what comes your way be it a flood or theft? If not, you’ve come to the right place. TARC Technology Solutions offers robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for businesses in Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas so you can work with confidence knowing your data will always be safe, secure, and available.
Disaster Recovery Austin and San Antonio TX

Disaster Recovery Austin and San Antonio TX

Backup and Disaster Recovery Austin and San Antonio TX from TARC IT Solutions include:

  • Multi-layer data protection and encryption with customized permission access
  • Multiple off-site data storage that ensures your data is safe and available no matter what
  • Fast recovery that gets you back up and running within minutes, not hours
  • RMM tools that help you document network equipment automatically
  • Protection of your network, system and data from viruses and security breaches
  • The reduction of costly downtime while maximizing uptime
  • Peace of mind knowing everything you’ve worked hard for is safe and sound
  • 24/7 monitoring to prevent issues before they cause downtime

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