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Is Cybersecurity in San Antonio and Austin TX important to your business?


Effective cybersecurity in your San Antonio or Austin company is more important than you think. News of security breaches almost daily has people very nervous across the US and the globe and causes them to blame corporate security practices for these breaches.

There seems to be a reoccurring pattern of the breach, blame the company, and then everyone forgets about it until the next breach occurs. If we must have the same reaction to a major breach each time, it is important to get the basics right each time there is an event.

The majority of data breaches are caused by well-known mistakes in IT management; security patches not being applied, known malware that goes undetected, not checking Windows event logs, etc.

Many times the victims of corporate breaches try to blame their own ineptitude on hackers hiding in the shadows in Asia or Russia. However, it is their own lack of process that has caused the breach in the first place.

Target provides a great example when it admitted to a breach last year that exposed its customer’s personal information. The company initially blamed the breach on a significant and sustained cyber-attack. We subsequently have learned the breach was caused by an unprotected software program vulnerability.

These attacks are caused by a failure to protect the business from intrusions. There are some basic tools at everyone’s disposal that can prevent such issues from taking place.

Cybersecurity in San Antonio and Austin TX

Cybersecurity in San Antonio and Austin TX


Buying a firewall is the first key step toward securing your network, but it’s just as important to make sure that it’s configured according to industry-standard best practices. How you set up your firewall will make a big difference in how it performs, so it pays to learn from an expert. Some highlights include:

  • Have an expert install your firewall
  • Deny every attempt to access the network without proper credentials
  • Set Up a DMZ (demilitarized zone for your network environment)
  • Configure the Firewall as an IDS

Cybersecurity Anti-Virus and End Point Security in San Antonio and Austin tx

Our managed IT service plans define the elements of vulnerability and how it controls the detection and remediation of viruses. As an important byproduct, vulnerability management can also document compliance with security provisions mandated by legislation, industry, and business policy. Vulnerability management can be implemented for networks of all sizes with cost-effective technology that automates much of what used to be a complex, manual process.

Gone are the days when IT security professionals only had to work about securing desktops. The proliferation of new endpoints such as laptops, USB drives, smartphones, and VPNs (virtual private networks) has created new challenges for IT departments. Learn the issues surrounding endpoint security and how your company can address them by contacting us today.

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