Office Spaces and Desktops

A workstation scattered around with papers, folders, food, and electronics devices disorganize, soar to the eyesight. Cluttered unnecessary things around are common for a heavy worker who doesn’t care about the looks of the office spaces and desktops. Looking for things that are not neatly in place is like finding a needle on a haystack.

Microsoft Edge features that will make you want to switch browsers

A new web browser is now part of the Windows system as its default with the same code, and functionality as Google Chrome. Somewhat a copy and more entirely different browser that offers faster loading times, additional security and support, and better compatibility with websites and extensions than its competitor, among other outstanding features.

4 Tips to boost your Windows 10 PC’s speed

New computers are anything but cheap. For this reason, just because your current Windows 10 computer is taking longer than normal to perform simple tasks doesn’t mean it’s time to buy a new one. Here are four tips to boost your Windows 10 PC’s speed computer without spending a single dime: boost your Windows 10 […]

Is Windows 10 blocking the latest update on your PC?

May 2020 Update, the newest iteration of Windows 10, has been released to the public. However, some systems were found to be having some issues with the latest version, prompting Microsoft to block its installation on some devices. If your PCs are affected, with this Windows 10 blocking here’s what you need to do.

An overview of the May 2020 Windows 10 update

Microsoft keeps to its commitment to innovation, function, and form with its latest iteration of Windows 10, coming out in the last week of May 2020. Security patches and critical system updates come as standard, but users can also expect quite a few more changes to the operating system.

Another Windows 10 update, another raft of issues

Updates are now available for Windows 10 OS. Although it’s regular for us to experience an uptick in support requests throughout these durations, points are looking worse than normal this time around. That’s since Microsoft’s most recent operating system update has created data loss for some customers.

Ways to download and install Windows 10

Microsoft has released an easier way for any user to download Windows 10 from its website. Helpful to those users who want to burn it to a DVD, upgrade compatible PCs, and install a clean copy. This article will walk you through the different ways of downloading and installing Windows 10. Method 1: Downloading Windows […]

Boosting productivity in spite of COVID-19 with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft with its application Microsft Teams recent updates to the platform, making users take advantage of its features enhancing communication with other employees. These updates were made in response to the need for companies and business owners and employees to collaborate remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ridding PC clutter

Is your Windows 10 OS PC running slowly? This due to the numerous unwanted files and processes that are called clutter running in the background. Making the PC run slow, impeding its performance, and using all of the PC memory. So how to get back the performance of your computer again? Here is how to […]