Understanding Google Analytics

In today’s competitive business world, it’s imperative that you have a thorough understanding of who your visitors are and what are their expectations. If you’re looking for a powerful analytical tool for your company’s website, Google Analytics one of the best options in the market. Yet trying to understand Google Analytics and its strategic use […]

Smart BI software planning

Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) software and other tools can help your company grown by leaps and bounds. However, it has to be planned for with the proper level of diligence and care to truly be beneficial to your business. Haphazardly installing BI software can result in an expensive misstep that sees you fall behind the […]

Data Dashboards Support Business Activities

Data dashboards have become a popular data platform for businesses over the past few years – with its data visualization allows users to have an overview of your business in a simple look. We all know visual data is more understandable than written words, dashboards are an important part of the data analytics process.