Keeping Email Account Safe

Email is now becoming a vital part of our daily lives. A way for communication and send and receive sensitive information. Now hackers are making a lot of new methods to actively get into emails obtaining sensitive information. Getting and having to show you the importance of email security is part of our company's vision as well as a critical part of your business.

Business Intelligence: Lowering Hospital Readmission Rates Using Big Data

In the medical world occurring mistakes like missed diagnoses, improper self-medication, and the awful part is hospital readmissions. Introducing BI Business Intelligence, a software changing the healthcare services today, with equipping healthcare professionals a powerful real-time information platform.

What Are Managed Service Providers and How Can They Help?

IT teams are no longer solely responsible for hardware and software. As technology has evolved, so has the scope of the IT function. But you no longer need to expand the in-house IT department. Many businesses are now looking to Managed Service Providers.