Stretching Laptop Battery Life

Stretching Laptop Battery Life

When bringing a laptop to work we consider is the availability of where to get power when the battery power is insufficient. Battery life is one thing to consider when using laptops for work. Here are the following tips on how to optimize your laptop battery life so it can last long enough to finish work.


Modern laptops and devices use lithium-base batteries on which get damaged when it completely drained. For older laptop which uses the older type of battery that is not made of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer which can be completely discharged before it can be recharged.

The laptop battery's life spans range from 3-5 years. With such limitations, it does not matter how you first charge it will still be inefficient as time goes by, the ions will not be flowing from the anode to the cathode, thereby reducing battery capacity.


Deterioration is natural, batteries can degrade due to changing higher and lower voltages. This phenomenon may happen when you keep your battery fully charged at all times. Modern laptops on the other hand cannot be overcharged, for it will be damaging when left plugged in all the time.

Extreme high temperatures above 70°F and low temperature of 32–41°F can reduce battery capacity and damage components.

Both extremely high temperatures (above 70°F) and low temperatures (32–41°F) can also reduce battery capacity and damage components. The same goes for storing a battery for long periods of time, which can lead to extreme discharge.

One factor that affects battery life also is the effect of physical damage. These batteries are made of sensitive materials and will have damage when the laptop falls.


Stating facts about laptop battery, here is how you prolong its battery life:

  • Do not let the battery completely drained.
  • Never expose the battery to extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Charge your battery at a lower voltage.
  • When using a laptop for a long period of time while it’s plugged into a power source, remove the battery from the device so it runs just like a desktop. If not applicable to newer laptop models that have built-in, non-removable batteries, you can do this instead
  • Store your battery and recharge battery to 40% and, if possible, remove it from the laptop for storage.

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