About Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools

About Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools providing the same solution a user can use in one problem. Three communication and collaboration tools are Outlook Groups, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams. These tools have differences that can set them apart from each other.

Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Outlook Groups

Microsoft 365 collaboration tool Outlook Groups, with each user, has a shared inbox, calendar, project planner, notebook, and document library. Connecting to third-party social media apps such as Twitter, Trello, and email tools such as Mailchimp. The tool also sends out notifications in this shared inbox.

With one shared inbox, priority and important emails and information are in one place. All together conversations are in one email inbox, making Outlook Groups ideal. Can be useful to big departments such as IT, HR, Sale, and Marketing.

Email overloading is what seems to be a problem of Outlook Groups. All messages and notifications are placed into one inbox, users are overwhelmed by the number of emails to sort every day.

Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Microsoft Teams

A chat-based collaboration platform application similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams, works together with Skype for Business allowing users to text, call, video chat, and share files. Microsoft 365 programs with other application integrations allow big shared files without leaving the app.

Microsoft Teams unlike Outlook Groups is a tool intended for advanced collaboration, a tool precisely for collaboration with big projects around tight deadlines, or other tasks requiring constant feedback.


Yammer differs from Outlook Groups and Microsoft Teams, as Yammer is a professional social media app designed to allow users to open communication and break down barriers between teams.

Yammer's feature is the application that allows users to share important files and announcements with the entire company like an office bulletin board. Yammers makes users see popular post on their feeds, follow it, and comment.

Yammer same as social media apps features and design elements is great for companies with millennials in their workforce.

Microsoft 365 collation tools Outlook Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer, are apps you need, learn and understand how your employees work and use them for greater output, preference to collaborate, and achieve from such collaborations.

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