5 steps Website Conversion

5 steps Website Conversion

There are many ways to attract more visits to your website and convince them to sign up for a product, part of the email list, newsletters, and service. How to do that you may ask. The first step in website conversion is to make your website more customer-friendly. Easy to navigate and straight to the product or service to which it introduces. Read on these five steps to improve user experience, site trustworthiness, and conversion rates.

1. Optimize Website for mobile devices

The trend nowadays is that people are surfing around the internet thru smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A big chunk of traffic to aim for, thus the goal is making the website design responsive to all mobile devices.

Giving visitors an enjoyable mobile experience, a website design fits any mobile device screen. The mobile version of the website shall include inner pages, resources, and call to action buttons that can be as easily accessible and responsive to customers' needs and wants.

2. Easy contact forms WIth chat support

The business phone number displayed in the upper-right corner of every page and providing simple and easy contact form and chat support. This allows the website to be interactive to potential customers.

Displaying your phone number or contact forms in the upper-right corner of every page and providing a simple, easy-to-find contact form. People's preference is not to give up their email address for fear of using the information for spambots, it is another way for a contact option for those who hate web forms. The goal is to have customers more than one way to contact the business.

3. simple Website = website conversion

Customer traffic is the bloodline of the website. Customers always want the goods right away. They are busy, we must get their attention right away. Try and figure website designs that will adapt to there set of preferences, selling and introducing the product right away using a mobile site setup.

Customers do not have time to scroll up and down, move to other pages finding how to order or find a contact number. Keep the design simple and make sense. Having a simple website with a mobile site. Producing a simple website, every page, word, and image creates a singular purpose: to get visitors to contact for website conversion. Do not go for selling out excessive information, games, or flashy animations. Rather have a simple clean website layout quickly selling out the product it is offering and with the contact form available in one click.

4. custom Catchy photos FOR website conversion

There are other websites selling the same products. The more ways to sell out a product. The edge you can use on the other businesses is to have custom catchy photos. Using real photos, having the image of actually using the product in real-time, while the other uses generic stock images. Authenticity is what the website is going for. High-quality images get more website conversion.

Use authentic images for your website, invest time and money in quality pictures taken by a professional photographer.

5. USING social media icons PUTTING THEM to the bottom of the page

Social media icons also bring traffic and customers' attention. A show of credibility, these social media icons make a distraction on what the intended page is for. Customers move to click on these icons rather reading the selling point of the product.

So place your social media icons at the bottom of the page or in the footer area. The goal of the website is to convert. If these visitors leave before they get to explore other services, content, and product offerings, the website lost the conversion before it even had them.

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