Removing Malware on Android devices

Removing Malware on Android devices

Android OS is an open source system that is on your android devices. Open to all programmers for customization and develop applications for it. Open source system allows big and free market for applications, this becomes a great advantage to the OS. But this is also becoming a great disadvantage. Hackers can penetrate programming codes, vulnerabilities, and adding malware through downloadable Android apps. We compiled some ways of removing malware on android devices.

Removing Malware on Android devices

Confirm the malware infection

Once android devices infected with malware it will show sudden strange behavior. The obvious is it affect the speed the device is running as it is crawling. The other strange thing is battery drains faster than as expected. There other are signs of malware infection signs that include pop-up advertisements, add-on apps installed on the home screen, unexplained data usage, and in-app purchases.

Be wary of these, but not all malware act as this one. There are different types of hackers, some exhibit more proficiently at concealing their actions, and while others do the obvious which contains these signs. Check from time to time for malware using an antivirus scan using a mobile security solution.

Removing Malware on Android devices

getting rid of malware

When the scan is done and malicious malware detected. Take the first step by doing a quarantine of the threat. Start with rebooting the android device, moving in safe mode, do this by holding down the power button. Not all versions of Android devices have the same procedure, some do this by try restarting the device and holding the volume down button when the manufacturer's logo appears.

In device safe mode, go to Settings, to Apps, and uninstall any malicious apps. Added research using Google search or get a hold on a cybersecurity technician to see if the malicious app is dangerous.

Uninstalling softwares with administrative privileges. For this type of applications, open the Advanced settings menu from the Settings app, then select Security, then Device administrators, remove apps that shouldn’t have administrative privileged access, and return to the Apps menu to uninstall it. Mobile security software should also be able to remove hidden malicious programs in your device.

For malware that are hard to get rid of, do a factory reset. Locate the option in the Backup & reset configurations within the Advanced settings menu. You’ll lose the apps and files stored in your device, importantly back up your application, softwares, and the data.

Protecting device from malware

Make sure to update your device and security software to prevent another infection after successfully getting rid of a mobile malware infection. Enable Google Play Protect from within the app store also safeguarding the device from unnecessary apps.

The best defense is to develop good security. Be extra careful of what you find in the internet, stop downloading on free wares that are unnecessary for your usage. Check before downloading them, and don’t click on links from suspicious texts and emails. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks or, at the very least, use a virtual private network (VPN) to secure the connection.

Common on these malware attacks can be devastating to the android device, exposing information details or disturbing the whole functions of the devices. Learn more about how you can secure your Android devices, our IT experts are open 24/7 to assist you. Contact us today.