Outdated Disaster Recovery Myths

Outdated Disaster Recovery Myths

Some time ago disaster recovery (DR) were used to be an expensive solution using tape backups. In the current system cloud computing has innovated the DR landscape, which lets the small- and medium-sized businesses can afford a cheaper and more reliable DR solutions. There are still a number of errors about DR. Here are three disaster recovery myths that no longer apply.

Disaster recovery myths

MYth 1: Tape backups are the best DR solution

Tape backups deteriorate over time. Tapes are the same as to a cassette tape from the ’90s. As time passes by its sound may be distorted already, or cassette tape doesn’t work at all. With the same logic, your tape backups will start to fail as the year's pass. Starting only a few files will be affected, but sooner will lose all your data.

Another set of tape backups can also be stored in the storage or hire outside company's to have it safe in case a natural disaster befalls your office. Even other storage spaces themselves are unsafe from natural disasters, this is also a potential problem.

Cloud-based backups are safe from deterioration. The storage area is in multiple secure locations that are protected from natural disasters and theft. This means your data backups are as safe as they can be.

In addition to the factors way to get cloud-based backups to save you time in several ways. Data is automatically backed up online, so there's no need to manually copy information onto your tapes. Getting rid of the need to manage boxes of tapes.

Myth 2: The RTOs you want are too expensive

A perfect DR plan is to have less recovery time objectives (RTOs), or the ideal length of time needed to get everything up and running again, the result with this is the avoidance of serious losses. The cloud has the ability of a “swift” recovery time without taking days and costing up to six figures to recover datas.

Cloud computing and virtualization solutions have made this much less compared to tapes and faster than ever before. Most disaster recovery providers can back up your critical data in an hour or two. And if theres ever need to recover huge amount of data,services can do so in less than a day.

Myth 3: Disaster recovery is for big businesses, not SMBs

The thought of costs always be a number priority. But cloud is very affordable previously than tape backups associated with DR, making big businesses only can afford backup and recovery solutions. With the cloud computing technology has made these valuable services affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Dental offices to small retail operations, SMBs can now take advantage of the best disaster recovery solutions out there. Advances in IT and the cloud have tackled obstacles of complexity, costs, and insufficient IT.

We hope we had explained these myths, what are you waiting for let us start to implement a disaster recovery plan (DRP) for your business. Not only it is a necessity to have a DRP to your business continuity, having one is also more affordable and efficient than ever. If you’d like to learn how our disaster recovery solutions safeguarding your business, send us a message and we’ll help you have it.