Optimizing your new laptop

Optimizing your new laptop

Feeling just by unboxing your brand new laptop — where to begin? I usually start by going to use web explorer to surf the internet, downloading need applications and finish tasks for the day, take these steps to optimizing new laptop of its performance, and ensure it meets the standards you wish it to have.

1.Optimizing your new laptop Update your laptop’s operating system

Before using the new laptop right away update its operating system (OS). A precautinary measure specially purchase the laptop when on its first released, the OS is really be old. Important patches and fixes are released with each new update, a must is to install the latest ones to ensure the laptop making a protection to malwares and malicous softwares.

2. Optimizing your new laptop Remove bloatware

Bloatwares are application that are automatically installed in the new laptop. This are programs that may not have use or there are programs you already have that is more convenient to you.

These bloatwares can take up a lot of valuable drive space. Uninstalling them is easy, go to computer settings, proceed to uninstall programs, and click to undesirabgle programs you wish to uninstall. or you can do this is by downloading a bulk uninstaller, which allows you to check all the bloatware apps and remove them in one fell swoop.

3. Install anti virus and added protection software

Cybercriminals are everywhere to steal data, such as account credentials, protected health information, and company files. Protect yourself from cybercriminals and hackers of your important data from the new laptop computer. One simple you to do is by installing an antivirus software that can scan your computer at a scheduled time or manually.

The data stored in your laptop are vulnerable to cyberattacks, incase of theft. There are preventive steps you can take — while using your laptop in public places be mindful to the surroundings — other way is by installing anti-theft software like Find My Device for Windows 10 can help locate the device if it’s ever stolen or misplaced.

4. power settings

One factor when buying of a laptop is seeing the battery capacity of the device. Laptops batteries run out especially left unattended and many programs run at the back. You can extend battery life by changing the settings on its power settings.

Reduce display brightness, check background programs, you can do this by going to task manager of the laptop and close programs that arent needed. Use the Sleep or Hibernate mode for your operating system.

5. Setting up a backup plan

In worst case scenario, always have a backup data recovery for important projects and tasks when doing work on laptop.  Prevent it from happening in the first place. By having a cloud setup an automatic backup system, automatically save all important files. Recover data can be retrieve right aways if something happen to the original file.

Get a cloud integration solutions services account to store all your important documents in the cloud, ensures access to the datas whenever you need it, even if the laptop crashes or gets stolen.

Set up any preventive measures from the start. Call us for information  now so we can help you secure your company’s laptops today.