Office Spaces and Desktops

Office Spaces and Desktops

A workstation scattered around with papers, folders, food, and electronics devices disorganize, soar to the eyesight. Cluttered unnecessary things around are common for a heavy worker who doesn't care about the looks of the office spaces and desktops. Looking for things that are not neatly in place is like finding a needle on a haystack. Nearly arrange both your office spaces and desktops.

1. office spaces and desktops Arrange, sort, and prioritize

The first thing to do around cleaning your office spaces and desktops is which are the important files and shortcuts you want to leave. Depending on the necessity and favorable shortcut programs some users make their desktop as storage, folders, and files that are pretty much accessible.

Task clean up prioritizing files and folders. The easiest way to do is by right-click method on an empty area of the desktop, and select Auto arrange icons. Icon organization is in grid format making it easier and working and looking on these icons is much faster. Another option to sort is by date modified. Icons and files are arranged by the date they were last opened, with the latest at the top.

2. Creating folders for  files and app shortcuts

The primary use of desktop to users is it serves as storage space for downloads, photos, screenshots, and email attachments.

For short time or one-timed used files, icons, photos, documents, and etc. this shall be put on a folder then after use deleted afterward. Long time used files organize in a folder as to easy to revisit the folder every once in a while.

An automatic icon for installed games applications is generated by Windows automatically. These shortcuts can be organized in a gaming folder or gaming desktop bar.

3. Daily  cleaning

Folders are a tool great for organizing make use of it full time. It gets rid of the clutter on your desktop, let me help you on how to getting rid of unwanted icons.

Examine desktop and be ruthless in cleaning:

  • Uninstall programs that are of no use.
  • Delete unimportant files
  • Place icons on relevant folders.

When done, check the browser to set the settings of the pathway of downloaded files. Browsers default setting path downloads files, Settings, and change the target location to the Downloads folder. spaces and desktops Maintain order

Talking about desktop decluttering, follow to the rules you’ve made. Download files must be properly set into a download folder when downloading important files set up an important folder file on your desktop, dumping folder, or folder you can easily remember.

5. USING taskbar or Start menu for apps

Windows 10 allows pin apps to the Start menu and the taskbar. A great alternative to having program shortcuts on the desktop. For pinning apps, open the apps list (i.e., click the Start menu icon at the bottom left corner of the screen) and right-click on the application like to pin. Simply select Pin to Start or Pin to the taskbar.

6. Choosing wallpaper

A cool way to declutter is to have a wallpaper that you like looking at — whether it’s a favorite motivational quote, wedding photo, dream car, a photo of your family, or a picture of a dream house, nature, or destination. These images you like serves as a reminder to keep icons to a minimum and boost one's self, so if you can’t see the image anymore, then you have too many icons, and so its time to get rid of unnecessary icons.

If you are looking to learn more about using Windows 10 in your business offices, contact us today we are happy to be of help.