Gmail EASY 5 tips

Gmail EASY 5 tips

Google's Email service or Gmail has an email management interface that is a crowd favorite, with its pleasant aesthetics and great design. Here are Gmail 5 easy tips to enhance your Gmail? 

Gmail 5 easy tips: Undoing email that has been Sent

In business, mistakes happen especially when you are in a hurry. So how do you undo at the email sent? We make mistakes and we deserve a second chance at writing that email, Gmail has provided a way to recall sent emails — within a gap of seconds after hitting Send recall it right away.

How to recall your email, simply click on Undo or View Message > Undo beside the “Message Sent” placed at the bottom left of your screen.

Gmail templates

Formerly known as canned responses are now called Gmail templates, which are pre-written email formats that you can use or on a fresh email. These are automatic responses or regular messages that follow a specific template. Rather than writing the same lines of email again, you can simply pick any of the customizable templates.

How to access your Gmail templates by composing a new email and clicking Templates > Insert Template.


For bigger attachments like sending a high-resolution RAW image to a client but Gmail’s attachment size only allows you 25mb. When it comes to large files simply upload your files to Google Drive and click on Share to get a sharing link you can send to your client friend. or employer.

Another way is you can click on the Google Drive icon at the bottom of your email composition window and choose the files you wish to send.

Gmail 5 easy tips: SORING EMAILS with Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox feature organizes emails by the importance of using machine learning. Abling to divide your inbox into five sections, where the messages will be displayed in the following order:

  1. Important and unread messages
  2. Starred messages
  3. [Customizable section]
  4. [Customizable section]
  5. Everything else

advanced settings

Here's how to configure Gmail’s Advanced Settings as a way to increase email efficiency. Added features include Multiple Inboxes, Preview Pane, and custom keyboard shortcuts. To access them by going to Settings > Advanced.

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