Work Smarter With Outlook

Work Smarter With Outlook

Microsoft Outlook comes with a lot of attributes that make handling your busy schedule as well as enhancing your efficiency. If you find ways to work smarter in Outlook new and added capacities, do not worry-- these ideas, as well as techniques, will certainly have you utilizing Outlook like a pro in no time at all.

Work smarter in outlook at Organizing your inbox

Is your Outlook inbox getting a little too cluttered for your preference? Make use of the Clean Up attribute to clean your inbox.

From your Outlook inbox, click the Home tab and choose from one of three Clean Up options:

  • Clean Up Conversation – on checking email thread or a conversation and deletes redundant messages
  • Clean Up Folder – on reading conversations in a selected folder and deletes redundant messages
  • Clean Up Folder & Subfolders – for messages in a selected folder and any subfolders, and deletes redundant messages in all of them

work smarter in outlook at ignoring conversations

In repetitive messages, group conversations that aren't pertinent to you can clutter up your inbox. The Ignore switch option aids you to organize your inbox and also concentrate on appropriate emails.

Activating this feature, select a message, then click Home > Ignore > Ignore Conversation. Another way to do this by opening a message in a new window and clicking Ignore under the Delete function. You can easily revert this action by going to the Deleted Items folder and clicking Ignore > Stop Ignoring Conversation.

Sending links to files

This function is especially useful when you require to send huge data to your coworkers or clients. You can send a link to the file as opposed to the documents itself in addition to established authorizations to allow recipients to modify and also work together on linked files in real-time.

The initial step is to upload the file you wish to send to OneDrive. Then from the message box, click Attach File > Browse web locations > OneDrive.

Schedule a Teams meeting

Teams functionality is Microsoft’s unified communication, collaboration platform, a  partnership platform, and it consists of the Outlook add-in. This function allows you to set up Teams conferences directly from Outlook. It additionally lets you view, accept, or sign up with conferences in either application.

To schedule a Teams meeting on Outlook, here's how:

  1. Switch to the calendar view on Outlook. Click the New Teams Meeting tab.
  2. Add participants or entire contact groups to the Required or Optional fields.
  3. Fill in the topic, start time, and end time of the meeting. Automatically for adding the dial-in phone numbers and conferencing IDs to the invite Outlook does this automatically for you.
  4. The invitation message will be sent to the recipients to the meeting.

Tag contacts

One functionality that has enhanced new smarter Outlook is using the @Mention function, a way to get the attention of a specific person in a group email or meeting invite. This works particularly well for emails sent to multiple recipients or if you want to convey the urgency of your message.

In your email or invite message, type the @ symbol followed by the name of the person you want to tag (e.g., @johndoe). Doing so will highlight the name in the message and automatically add it to the message.

Other features on tagging is by searching for messages you’re tagged in by selecting Filter Email from the Home tab and then clicking Mentioned.

These are a few of the things you can do to improve your Outlook experience. For more on how to get the most out of Outlook and other Microsoft products, drop us a line today. We also have this article that talks about MSP helping with the challenges of the Covid19 pandemics.