Important Features to Look for in the Best Enterprise Backup Solutions

Important Features to Look for in the Best Enterprise Backup Solutions

Some of the best enterprise backup solutions will assist you in shielding your business from unforeseeable losses. Because of the unpredictability of data breaches, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events, it is important that you are prepared for disaster at all times. This means that you must find, implement, and develop a backup and disaster recovery solution. Fortunately, many IT companies offer disaster recovery solutions to keep your data safe and sound. However, with the sheer amount of options available, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your firm. Outlined below are some key features that you should look for when picking the best backup solution for your business.

Flexible Data Capture

Regardless of what backup solution you choose, it is important to make sure that it continuously captures different formats of data to protect against any potential data loss. Your solution should be able to back up data from all angles and within any time frame so that you have several bootable recovery options.

Storage and Network Resource Efficiency

Cloud storage is a fantastic way to backup your information, but if it takes too long to back that data up, you may never be fully protected from external threats. To lessen the volume of data that is sent over your network, it is imperative that you pick a backup solution that enables cloud storage for efficiency of resources and data compression tools. This will allow for seamless backups without slowing down the working servers or your computer and makes data retrieval much easier.


It is essential that you make sure that your backup solution and software uses a strong encryption to keep important information safe. Encryption is done at the source prior to saving to the network, so you can rest easy knowing that cyber threats will be highly deterred from attacking, even as the data goes to other public networks.

Business Applications Capture Technology

This disk imaging technology enables full-time backup of everything you could possibly think of, including running applications. Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint are some of the best software choices out there to get the job done. Check with your IT managed service provider to see what features and software they offer alongside their solutions.

Comprehensive Disaster Plan

Your backup solution should include easy-to-understand administration policies that contain instructions on how to make backup copies of your company’s data. These instructions should specify whether data is an original, secondary, or tertiary copy and should immediately notify you if the backup fails.

Scalability, Monitoring, and Control

As technology continues to flourish and become more integrated into our everyday lives, it is a smart move to make an IT plan about three to five years out. By considering where your organization will be within the next few years, you can make a better decision about what kind of backup solution you really need. It is also critical that you purchase a scalable solution, as your IT team should grow and downsize alongside your business.

Offline Storage

Having local offline storage is a feature that some of the best enterprise backup solutions offer. This is because it makes recovery fast and simple. Improving the recovery speed means that there is less pressure on your outsourced IT team, and you will incur far less losses (including time, money, etc.).

Supports Multiple Platforms

Almost every backup solution should be able to support several platforms for backup and restoration. These platforms might include Windows, MAC, and other operating systems. Ensuring that your solution works across multiple platforms makes installation of software easier and makes recovery a breeze when you lose a whole system or need to migrate to a new platform.

Supports Multiple Data Types

The best enterprise backup solutions provide support for various types of data. This allows you to replicate or recover your data onto multiple platforms. Similar to the above point, a software’s ability to support multiple data types can make recovery or migrating to a new platform significantly easier.

Here at TARC, we know a thing or two about disaster recovery solutions. With today’s cyber threats increasing in intensity, it is highly important to protect your data with a backup solution that best fits the needs of your firm. Safeguarding your company’s data can help to prevent major losses and excess worry. Our backup solutions can get you back up and running within minutes, and our 24/7 monitoring helps to prevent any issues before they cause downtime. If you are unsure how to go about finding a solution that you can have confidence in, consider contacting us today. Take a look at the seven things we do better than other IT companies out there and see the TARC difference for yourself.