Microsoft Office 365 Challenges and Best Practices According to Austin IT Support Companies

Microsoft Office 365 Challenges and Best Practices According to Austin IT Support Companies

Microsoft Office 365 is currently the most popular business productivity software being used. In fact, many Austin IT support companies, like TARC Technology, offer Office 365 migration services. However, not all firms are rushing to migrate to Office 365, as hiccups are common during the migration period. These hiccups include everything from security and compliance troubles to bandwidth concerns. Read on to fully understand the challenges and best practices of an Office 365 migration.

Options for Migration

Migration to Office 365 requires some hefty planning and a sound understanding of the environment you are running. The type of work environment you are in will determine what type of migration you will need. These options include a cutover, staged, or hybrid migration. It is also extremely important to note that IT professionals will always advise that, before attempting migration, you should have an inventory of all your assets. This includes sites, listed libraries, size of databases, and more. Keeping a record of what you have will pay off during the migration process.

Austin IT support companies Security and Compliance Requirements

Professional Austin IT support companies will always double-check to ensure that your data is safe. When migrating legacy systems to Office 365, there are always security implications that you should be aware of. Luckily, Office 365 has technology such as multi-factor authentication, DLP anti-spam, encryption management, and device management to keep your data secure. If you are in a specific industry (like healthcare or finance) that is more regulated than the average business, it becomes even more critical that you keep your customers’ information protected.

While Office 365 does move over your email, calendars, events, and other relevant data, there are some things that will require different migration tools. These include items like public folders, archived data, or emails larger than 25MB since Microsoft will not migrate them. In addition, client-side data like PST files or local Outlook settings will not be migrated over either. To make sure that your company’s and client’s data is kept safe and sound, you may want to enlist the help of a trusted IT support company to address this potentially messy process.

Austin IT support companies Bandwidth Concerns

One of the reasons you need to plan so carefully for an Office 365 migration is because data migration can eat up a lot of bandwidth depending on what technology you use. Exchange Web Services caps the amount of data it can feed on each day, making the process of transferring large files significantly longer. To avoid bandwidth issues, consider using technology like Fast Transfer Stream or other third-party Office 365 migration tools. These will help to minimize the amount of bandwidth you use during the migration process.

Here at TARC, we offer Microsoft Office 365 enhanced by the cloud to equip your firm with industry-leading business applications combined with the flexibility and security you need. Contact us today to get the help your business needs during the migration process. Our seasoned team of IT experts will help you make a smooth transition so that you can focus on what matters most: your business’s core offerings and satisfying your customers.