Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Cloud service allows millions of users to use running businesses. Small and medium businesses such as restaurants, cafes, parlors and others. They are using applications to cater to clients, managing services, customers' logins, and other types of services. Security is with great concern with both users and administrators. Single sign-on (SSO) is a solution to this concern, so how does this work.

What is Single sign-on SSO?

Single sign-on allows the creation of one username and one password that can be used on different websites. The best example to his is “Continue with Google” on a non-Google website, you might not have to know what that is SSO but you already enjoyed the benefits of SSO. A faster, much simpler, and definitely secure. With these small and medium businesses have a higher level of efficiency between their employees and cloud platforms.

Rather requiring everyone in the office to track separate accounts for Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Trello, and other cloud apps the company use, using SSO a single set of credentials and manage what they have to access remotely. Employees come to work, enter the company generated SSO username and password, and that is how easy it is.

SSO more secure

A number of ways to set up on small and medium business SSO solutions, but most of focusing on removing login information from your servers. Providing employees’ generated SSO company logins thru an SSO company provider ( referred to as an Identity-as-a-Service provider) and with each employee receiving a single login paired with a secondary authentication — more like a fingerprint or an authentication SMS code to the mobile device.

When employees logins and perform work on a cloud platform, such as Microsft Office 365 or Google Apps, the SSO provider will verify the user’s identity and the connection’s security. If there are problems SSO IT providers will be notified.

Should the network or any of its devices be compromised by hackers would find nothing but logins to your SSO accounts, which are meaningless without fingerprints, two-point authentication or mobile devices

How to get started with SSO

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