OneNote: Microsoft’s most underrated app

OneNote: Microsoft’s most underrated app

OneNote of Microsoft Office one hidden golden application, A note type feature can be a digital type of notebook in which you can organize, draw, picture, or visualize ideas using text, video, flash, gif, audio, and other multimedia sources. Find out how this powerful app can help you.

One Note Organize your digital notebook

Microsoft Word and OneNote let users create text documents, but differ on how it saved information, store, and display. Word displays one document at a time, but this application shows you all documents at once.

When opening the application desktop version of the first time, it shows you a default Notebook called “My Notebook.”

To create multiple Notebook files, click on the < beside the name of your current one, then choose +Notebook at the bottom of your screen.

Notebook Customize can be done by separating it into subcategories called Sections, picture this like dividers in a physical notebook. OneNote can dedicate one Section for the notes for one particular keyword organizing notes on how you prefer it to be. Sections are shown as color-coded tabs along the top of the screen, next to the name of your Notebook. To add more by clicking on +Section at the bottom left of your screen.

Adding individual pages to a Section by clicking +Page, and these features ables separate information of different notes. For example, adding pages with keyword to a client’s contact details, project statuses, and billing information.

Renaming your Notebook, or any Section or Page can be done by right-clicking on it and choosing the rename option.

Start experimenting ONENote

Depending on how you use this application, we can definitely say it is a powerful application. Find out how it works for you and try out all the features and decide which method is most effective. Try some things you can to get a feel of the applications experience.

  • Add tags to notes to efficiently search notes
  • Allows drawings into shapes or text using the Ink to Shape and Ink to Text functions
  • Solve equations by using the Ink Math Assistant (which can help you graph or solve math problems)
  • Use Immersive Reader to read texts out loud
  • Write on a web page in Microsoft Edge and save your annotations to OneNote

These work additional features only available in OneNote for Windows 10. If you’re using an older version, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version to enjoy these benefits.

Share your OneNote

When you want to share OneNote notes with your team.  Go to the upper right corner of the ribbon, click on the Share button, and type in the email addresses of the team members to whom to send notes. Also, setting the sharing permissions to either “can view” or “can edit,” giving more control over your data.

OneNote has numerous tricks up its sleeve and it can take months for you to master all of them. Call us today, and we’ll make sure you’ll get the hang of OneNote in no time.